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This great love story starts in 2018 and it is called: Blind Love. Love does not exist everywhere, sometimes love is different, easy, difficult or complicated. In this story a girl begins to look for a new life far from her difficult and painful reality. Somewhere in this world, this cruel world, a golden sun crept into that beautiful city sending light through the windows and awakening them from their sleep. A girl with bold beauty wakes up and tries to open her beautiful eyes but something stops her.
Later she discovers that it is only a band that had been carefully wrapped around her head to cover her eyes, and then she begins to feel her palm and her entire arm and finds that she is in a dark room between two huge men.

“And why am I here?” She cries. “What happened?”

She moves left and right. Someone new enters the room and says, "Finally, you woke up, Miss Fatima ... How are you??

"I'm not good, where am I? Who are you and what happened?”
"I'm the nurse in charge of looking after you and thank God for your safety."
“Who are these men?” Fatima asks.
The nurse stared at her.
“Why are you not replying?”
“What happened and what is on my eyes?”

Then she screamed and said, ”Get me out of this place I don't want to stay here.”
The nurse took an injection and stuck it into her arm.

Fatima quickly calmed down and slept quietly after all that screaming. Two hours later, Fatima opened her eyes. She heard a strange voice coming from the outside saying, "Did you wake up?"

She felt very afraid. A tall man has entered wearing black and sat at her feet. She began crying bitterly, saying in a sad tone:

“What do you want from me?”

The man began to stare in her eyes silently. She stopped crying and stared at his eyes as well. She noticed something strange with his eyes that reminded her of her deceased father.


“ Blind love. Have we ever thought about it from the other side? Have we understood the intent of this love. How does this love begin? Will it be good or bad?”

The man went out quickly. Fatima was surprised that he didn't say anything to her. She heard whispers coming from outside, saying: “Why didn't you do it?”

“I could not, send someone else to do my job,” Someone replied.

The nurse entered again. Fatima asked her, please tell me where I am and what is happening here? The nurse whispered in her ear saying, "I can't help you. Please understand me."

Fatima said, what do I have to understand? Can you explain it to me? The nurse said: “They held me up here just like you.”

The man suddenly entered and saw the nurse talking to Fatima.

“ What are you doing here?” he said in a loud and rough voice and pulled her.

“ Leave her alone,” Fatima said with a trembling and scared voice.

The man stood behind her whispering in her ears: “If you want to live, do not interfere,” and then he left.
Fatima looked around, to see if there was a way out of this hell. It was dark in the room and outside. Fatima wondered what would happen to her dreams. Would they end here? But there was nothing, there was only darkness. She could only see the dark ........ only dark .........

The door opened and the man was dancing and singing. Fatima was terrified. “What happened to you?” she asked.

The man fell to the ground, saying “If I promise not to kill you, can I have a hug?” Fatima shivered and her beautiful eyes began to tear up.

“So what do you want from me?”
“Why are you wearing black? and what is this place?”
“You started gossiping, goodnight,” The man muttered.
”No.. do not go please,’’ Fatima yelled.

The man did not listen to her and left her in the darkroom alone. The next day, Fatima was awake all night. She heard a rough voice saying, “You should do this if you don't, we will kill you and kill her.’’ “No you can’t, she is innocent with eyes that are forgiven for her I can not hurt her,” the man bel- lowed out.
Then Fatima heard a voice walking towards the door, the gang’s leader entered, he was wearing a black ripped t-shirt with long black pants as well. He looked at her and said, “Don't try to deceive the young man to forgive you,” she looked at him marvelling and said, who is the young man?

He collected all the gang and commanded them to kill Fatima at once.

At this moment Fatima was optimistic and she knew that there would be a miracle that would protect her from this gang. Before darkness the man crawled slowly into Fatima's room without attracting anyone's attention because he had been prevented from entering her room by the gang leader's. What's going on? Fatima stuttered.

“Shhh keep quiet, no one knows that I'm here because I've been banned from entering this room; now, come on we are going from here,” the man whispered,

“But wait who are you and why you are helping me,?” Fatima wondered. “We don't have time to argue if you want to die, stay, and if you don't want, hold my hands,” he mumbled.


He gave her his hands, she held his hands. Time had stopped for Fatima for a moment. She felt the tenderness of his hands, she forgot that he was a part of the gang and looked at his eyes, then Fatima said to herself, “Hey ,what are you doing? He is a part of the gang maybe he wants to kill you after we escape. You just want to get rid of this hell.”

“Fatima, come on, where is your head? We don’t have time,” he hissed.

Fatima fell to the ground, there was a small tree branch lying in front of them.

She was in pain wand she wanted to scream, the man's hand was on her mouth. He has carried her on his shoulders to continue the long way that they have begun. Fatima kept quiet, without a word. He couldn't bear the pain that Fatima had, so he laid her down a small tree. " If you don't scream they will pass from here without seeing us," the man said.

He softly checked her feet.

“Are you okay?” he asked
“Yes I am okay” she replied.
“Now you can go wherever you want or return to where you came from.”
"No, no," Fatima shouted.
"Why?" he said.
“Because I don't have any place to go to”.
“Okay, so you will stay with me after we disappear from here”.

After nightfall and a lot of darkness, they were sitting beside a big tree; however, there was a little cool wind.

“Should we light woodfire and stay here tonight?” Fatima asked.
“Woodfire?” He said
“But we can't walk in this darkness and at this time. If you're used to living that way, I'm not,” she commented.
“Used to what?” He replied
“The darkness and living in it”.
“What do you mean?” he roared with laughter.
“You were part of the gangs and the gangs don't know anything, just darkness.”
“I'm not one of them I can differentiate between darkness and light like anyone, like you”. “How?”
“Don't ask lots of questions.”
“Well, but...”
“No buts, Now it's my turn Why are you like this?”
“What do you mean?”
“Why hasn’t your family worried about you yet, and why did you not call them yet and say that you are okay?”
“What family are you talking about?”
“Your family.”
“I have no family.”
“Where is your family?”
“They departed this life. My mom and dad had a bad accident when I was 6 years old, that is all what I can remember.”
“I apologize I didn't know.”
“Do not worry, I did not forget them. They are always in my heart before they are in my mind.” “Where did you stay after this incident?”
“I stayed in an orphanage for about 7 years and then decided to live by myself.”
“When I saw you I considered you rich or from a rich family.”
“Is that why you wanted to help me?”
“So why?”
“Sometimes there are things that are difficult for humans to talk about.”
“Like what?”
“Like what do you think about collecting some firewood?”
She smiled.
“Can I hear your story?” she said
“Sometimes I don't like to talk about me, but okay because you showed me that you're a curious girl.” “Well.. sometimes.”
“I will but not now.”
“Then when?”
“After we get out from here I promise.”
“What is your name, Sometimes I want to call you but I don't know your name.”
“My name is Mohammad.”
“My dad’s name.”
“love my name.”
Hours after their chat, Fatima fell asleep Mohammad collected some leaves to stretch Fatima on. “You don't want to rest?”
“No, you rest and I will stay awake inspecting the place here.”
“Well. Goodnight she said softly.”
“Goodnight he hummed.”

Two hours later Fatima was asleep, Mohammad said, “I'm sorry I made you live inside this big lie” while he was caressing and hugging her hair to his chest.


After a while Fatima woke up from hallucination, she found Mohammad asleep on the tree trunk. She noticed something strange from afar but as she approached she saw the albatross tattoo on his chest. She tried to touch it but Mohammad began to turn while he was sleeping. She needed more and said with a startling tone Albatross!

She puts her hand on her mouth immediately so that Mohammad would not wake up.




Albatross is a bird of love, safety, strength, and symbol of steadfastness.
Albatross cannot be part of darkness, Albatross is always white, not represented by characters who have dark hearts. He spends 90 percent of his life flying. He has very large and giant wings he can fly in the air without fluttering his wings, He flies for many years and chooses for himself only one wife to live with. He lives like this then dies.