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What a Homeless Person Goes Through

Homeless people are doing what they can to help themselves.


Many generations forced to ask for money.


The homeless are called mean, harsh things by those who are ignorant to their daily suffering.


If only they could feel the pain the homeless go through in one day, to wake up the next day; they try so hard to live in a cruel world.


When I was with my father in Ottawa, I saw that they piled some warm clothes, or whatever fabric they could get, so that they can survive when it is cold.


It hurts to realize that almost 97% of the homeless population cannot have their life turned around for the better, to where they get a second chance at education, a warm and loving home, and nice job with a decent salary. This would help with the constant stress of their lives.


Furthermore, many in the homeless population are physically bullied by random people walking out on the street.

Many homeless people even die in the most tragic ways because they get really sick and they can’t get medications or the right healthcare.