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The water is so crisp and clean against my rough, dry lips. It seeps through my hands, gnarled from years of hard labour.


My hands form a cup shape, ready to take a drink. My lips move closer, begging for a single drop.


I decide to savor this beautiful moment, as I stare at the gorgeous forest ahead of me. It is so breath- taking; I have to stop to catch my breath.


I hear stories of lands far away where they have none of this; where their water is scarce, and the little water they have is contaminated.


I look at the beautiful landscape in front of me. I could never imagine it gone forever.


I hope that this place will stay this way for generations to come. So I pray to the Creator to keep this land plentiful, for as long as can be.


When I am nished, the sun shines bright and I know that my prayer has been heard. I hear Creator whispering in my ear, “I will try my best to keep this land thriving and in good health, but in order to do that you must promise me you will try your hardest to do the same.”


I look up at the sky above.

I pledge to protect the land of my ancestors for as long as I am alive on this planet. I take one last sip of water.


I stand up, wiping my hands on my old, tattered jeans.


I leave this place-- this gorgeous, stunning, magnificent, wonderful place, knowing that the Creator will help me and my people preserve this beautiful land for all eternity.