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The Dead Eye

The world was a beautiful place.

I remember all the gorgeous green trees, beautiful green grass, and the stunning owers: blue, red, pink,

white, yellow. The list goes on and on.

I remember the pleasant uffy white clouds, colorful skies and the different seasons:


Summer, when the trees ourish, when the uffy clouds are out, when the owers are blooming, and when the sun shines brightly.


Autumn, when the trees changed colours, when there were piles of leaves to play in, when it began getting colder.


Spring, when the owers would bloom, when the rain would fall a lot, when we would take our rubber boots and go jumping in puddles.


Winter, when kids were building snowmen outside, returning home cold and wet. I remember when we would make hot cocoa and watch movies while we were all bundled up, eating popcorn.


The world truly was beautiful.

I hate that we didn’t listen to the people who said we would eventually kill our earth. We were too greedy.
We took our home for granted.

We thought that our water, trees, and air would last forever.

They didn’t.