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Left or Forgotten

The sun had just started to show a bright orange light from the east. As I got up from my pile of straw that was used for my bed, I looked around for my family but they were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they just went to get breakfast and thought I’d still be sleeping by the time they got back.


I went on with my day walking to the pond, drinking to refresh myself a bit more. I went back to the cave that my family and I had been living in and I ate the leftover meat from last night. After I had eaten, I went to go see if Scruffy, my friend, was at her house; she wasn’t and neither was her family. It was like they had vanished and everyone left me behind. I thought that maybe the world was going to end, everyone left me behind, and forgot about me.


I continued my day, and when the sun was just above the big blue sky, that’s when Mother and Father would go get food for me, my four sisters and my ve brothers. We were a pretty big family but my friend Scruffy has an even bigger family than mine. Needless to say, I guess I just had to hunt a meal for myself.


I went into the bush to look for something to hunt for. Nothing! Nothing at all was there. Not one rabbit, mouse, sh or zebra was there for me to hunt. Maybe, after all, everyone did leave me. Maybe they even left the country. But why would my own family do such a thing to their child? Maybe they became tired of me and didn’t want me. Or maybe the hunters took everyone and somehow forgot about me. Or maybe all the other animals got a disease by eating something they shouldn’t have and only I survived. Maybe we humans really did end up destroying everything.


Night had just started and I was scared, cold, worried and emotional. Had my family really left me, and was I the only one here? Did I even have a family to begin with? The whole night I couldn’t sleep, I was just thinking and thinking. It’s been 1 day since my family hasn’t come back. I wonder when they will be back, or if they will ever come back for me.