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When I Can’t Come Around

Hey ma,
just wanted to tell you

I love you

Don’t know if I show it enough

But I’ve been really prayin’ for us

And I thank god for you
Man, I look up to you
Man if I was in trouble
And I need somebody
I run to you

If I never told you,
you was my idol
like really my idol

Whatever you said to me

I took it in,
like it was my bible


When you look at me,

I wanna know,
the feelin’ inside you

I guess sometimes
I just wonder
If you feel the way I do

Remember my 10th birthday,
when you apologized
You couldn’t buy cake
so you bought me McDonald’s fries

I thanked you
but you got my brother gifts
A lot of times

For me you say you can use some time, but never got the time
I figured it was for the bills, but for real how you really feel
I know this birthday around tax time so is that what it is
I know you gotta love me mom, cause every mama loves ther kids

I just really think it’s fucked up but I guess it is what it is

Remember recitals, I played the piano, I waited and you never came

You said you was working
But got home from work for my brother and went to every game

He never even really scored, but you was just there to support
But I know basketball is more fun to watch then piano on show

I really forgive you! And imma’ continue forgiving you
I made up a whole lot of reasons, cause I know it can’t be intentional

When I was in the hospital,
you said you hope I got better
When he was down to whether,

you was in the Hospital till’ he got better

I don’t understand!
When you look at me,
I feel like you regret me
But the look inside your eyes when you see him sometimes affect me
I was tryin’ to be so perfect,
just to feel like you accept me
I love the way you love,
but you love everyone except me!

Be honest, Mom!
When nobody come thru’ for you, I’m present
But when Christmas come around,

you don’t think to get me a present

Man, that’s fucked up!

Cause I spent my whole life tryin’ to impress you

But I guess I ain’t really special
This is what I get for having expectations
Cause I forgot where I came from


What if I’m gone, will you wake up?

Would it then all make you wake up?

You really showed me how much a parent could love their child

So much that they forget they got another child
Man, my whole life I just wanted to make my mother proud

One day if you see the difference, when I can’t come around.