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The world of anime

What is life without excitement?
I just binged 400 episodes of Naruto

welcome to the world of anime
It may be hard to navigate
but I can guide you.


If you can’t start binging 400 episodes like me
you can start watching the first season of demon slayer

It’s only 26 episodes
or any anime between 12 to 26 episodes.


Once you watch anime that you enjoy watching

you can binge more episodes like me.


It’s all about type of anime you watch

action, romance and sport
And much much more.


Anime could be any topic you like
there are so many of them
you can think about any topic and anime will have it.


If you like math, there are math animes

But please don’t watch it.


You like sports,






dark story.

I can’t even think of an anime that doesn’t have it.


Welcome to the world of anime

Enjoy your stay