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The magic time machine

Someone wanted to know about the past

and how it worked
and so
I shall show the endless hole

that goes through time
with my magic time machine.


The first place we will go
is before humanity as a whole
and the world was ruled by giant monsters

with no true goals
but survival
to live on
to grow


but a hellish rock from the cosmos

crashed and killed most
leading to humanity’s rise as a whole.


The next place we go
is the beginning of when humanity truly grew

when tools were made
and people trade
to a new era: the stone age.


Spears and knives

were man’s best tool

but when night falls

humanity was doomed


but a spark was made

which lead to grace
a flame was lit

concerning the night


which lead to a new place in how we see that world.


Humanity is great
you may say
but wait you will see
on the other side of the coin,


humanity is the worst thing that happened in this world.


We travel to the age of the Roman empire

were squires
say philosophies
which can be applied

but will most likely
never be
as war happens between humanity.


Sword in one hand

shield in the other


humanity is the only species to shed the blood of one another.


We jumped in time
where we see a crime
that the Nazi did to the jews
in world war two
that lead to the most destructive weapon of all:

the nuke.

The nuke is a weapon
that makes some people puke

at the thought of a weapon

with so much power
to destroy cities and towers

in a few clicks
and twist
with someone's wrist.


However, the power of this weapon

leads to a new energy source
to help restore something

we lost at the of the cost

of our environment


To an extent.


We hope to the present day of our lives

people join up
and help each other
like a beehive thriving

and as we strive
to fix the thing that went wrong

trying to fix what we have done


at the same time it has gotten worse


as the Earth is dying


that all of what the environment is worth.


Our species has ups and downs
but we are realizing how we affected the earth

and made ourselves look like clowns.


I hope in the future we grow

and look forward past this

present and beyond limits

but why wait now?


when I have this magic time machine I found.