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The broken words

I heard it can hit like brick on glass

like train on tracks

its okay to be broken

but it’s hard to forget what it means to be whole.


It’s okay to be broken

you just have to get used to it,
life is all about adapting
losses cannot be forgotten
but it doesn’t need to be who you are.

Pain cannot be forgotten but you can’t forget the pain you’ve had in the past.


You are strong,


I hope things get better and you have to fight.
It will only hurt if you keep remembering your past but don’t worry,

you’re not the only one who’s hurt about their life,

from their relationship and things
about their family and a lot of people will see your emotions

in face not in the heart

and people will not care

because they don’t know what you’ve been through

even though there has been happening,
people will not see your despair
there is nothing you can do.

You are strong,
you just have to face the reality

it’s okay to be broken

Many things will hurt you
even a small word
and it feels like no one understands you
they only see your negative
not your positive side
And even though you have many things in your head

Don’t forget who you are

little things will matter to you.
Everything you hear from other people will make your life broken

It’s okay to be broken, it will make you stronger


It will change your life and it will make you happy.