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Stuck in Your Head

Stuck in Your Head
Need to breathe, relax, reflect
Just like a rainy day when the fiery sun comes out
I wouldn’t change what’s happened to me because its made me who I am now
Stuck in your head
Struggles can shape you but can’t stop you
When you fall, get back up stronger

I’ve got a million reasons to quit, anxiety,

being stuck in your head, feeling hopeless

Stuck in your head

Feeling like a burden

Stuck in your head
Feeling like you’re wasting time stressing but can’t stop

Stuck in your head
When people ask how you’re doing, everyone puts up barriers

Stuck in your head
I wish I could stay a child, never seeing the bad, always being positive,

always thinking the best of every situation

As a child feeling so much love that the love stronger than any other pain
When you grow up you learn that at times the pain feels like it will break you inside You need to face your problems because you can’t run away forever

Need to Breathe, Relax, Reflect
Your problems will only make you stronger

You need to Breath, Relax, Reflect
Be Brave