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Every day I don’t understand,






How someone could wake up,


With the same issues,
Never trynna change their lifestyle,


But yet,

Still complaining about how they’re life is going,

Fighting themselves,

Beating themselves down,

For a bad choice they made,

At one point in their life,

How could someone
Struggle so much and never ask for help,

I have friends
That told me
they don’t even wanna live life,

How bad could it be,


How bad could it be,


They ask

But I know men and women,

Around the world that have killed themselves,

Over words,

Small little words,

I mean you see the news,

It seems like we
Are all stuck in cages,

It’s about class,

Wealth decides on how our future goes,

Grow up poor tell me how that is,

1 out of 100 kids make a good life out of it,

So tell me how it really is,


They’d rather lock up the people


That have shaped my whole life,


Going Down a different path,


But how could you judge me,

If I’ve been struggling my whole life,


From the mud,
Down at the bottom of the pit,

Seeing you go, Missing from my life,


Like you was hiding,

But I could never find you,


Guess I was never good at looking for you,


I just wished that I could’ve been better for you,


But I never could,

Maybe one day I may see you again,

Until then keep the peace,
At peace