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My brother’s bug eyed shit eating grin

You wake me when I try to sleep,

bug eyed shit eating grin,


have I ever told you you’re annoying?


My stomach hates your jokes but I love em,
I don’t care how stupid they are,
you focus on my emotions,
just like people look up in space and focus on the stars.


You are my star.


When I’m angry or sad I tend to hide it


But you always seem to find it,

maybe I’m just bad at hide and seek


but I can seek your bravery.


I remember a time

When I got caught in a bad situation,

Girls standing in front of me
Like they are about to hit me,

but you standing taller,


staring into their eyes
Like a tiger,
them staring back,
turns into a staring contest,

till someone gets tired.


Mind you,
you don’t even know these people

but that’s what guardians do

and I’m thankful to have that in you.


I love you,


and your bug eyed shit eating grin.