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Mr. ChomChomps

I was walking home and I saw a bunny
He said his name was Mr. ChomChomps
Mr. ChomChomps liked to chomp on carrots
We went to Jojo Siwa’s house
Mr. ChomChomps got a bow from Jojo Siwa
She was nice
Jojo Siwa also gave Mr. ChomChomps a carrot
He choked on the carrot
Don’t worry he’s fine now
We went to Jake Paul’s house
He told us to subscribe 100 times
And to buy all his merch
Once we did he added us to Team 10
Mr. ChomChomps and I became super rich
We were forced to wear his merch every day
Jake Paul accidentally killed Mr. ChomChomps by a prank

I left Team 10 and burned all the merch

RIP Mr. ChomChomps


We will always remember you <3