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Technology and Society

Games may be tech or toy, but one can be worse than the other.
Addiction and cyber bullying are like thing one and thing two working for the Internet
While I play in my living room - living the life, not playing video games but a board game

The game that isn’t addictive but fun all the same and is healthy for the brain.
You may pick the phone, the xbox, wii, or the tablet, but of all the games in the world... the
board game is the best. After all, living longer is the best.
So when you get home tonight, get out a board game and play Sorry (a real Canadian game), Maybe Monopoly, or an explosion of laughter from a game of Exploding Kittens,
Or a classic game of Cluedo, all of the above is all right.
Cyber-bully is a bad game and screens are bad for the brain.
Board games are better for the brain than all other games
Board games are never boring if you’re playing with those you love.