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Everyone thinks that dance is just dance... that it doesn’t matter
They take a video of someone dancing for their culture or just for fun
They say “dance is so cool”, then 5 seconds later, don’t care about the magic they’ve witnessed But its not magic... dance is life, time is dance, life is a dance.
Cultures danced so that they might join the dance of life or the song of life
Or just because they feel the need to dance to express themselves.
Some people are always dancing and they believe that dancing is a part of them,
My aunt, Constance Cooke, is a dancer who is known, who has been in the news
It is amazing to know that people around the world dedicate their life to dance
Yet people still think that dance is just dance, however, its not...
Dance is everything, dance is time, dance is life, you are dance.
Life ows and can t through the tiniest crack because life can dance
We are ruining life’s dance, by making the spaces around us more and more tiny
Just because some people don’t believe in the dance of life.