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Predictive text

As I was sitting trying to figure out what to write about I realized that auto correct kept trying to assume what I was going to say and it made me remember about my phone from 5 years ago. If I pressed the middle button it just said “I am a void.” Over and over. Thinking back to that I realized I have been through a lot, but I have also changed. I still have struggled but I do not hide in other peoples houses, I do not run away from issues or just push everything away. I now try to handle the problems head on. I sacrifice so much of myself to create a situation where I’m not only surviving or existing but living.
Out of this curiosity I pressed my predictive text to create this paragraph and I ended up keeping it. It spoke to me. It speaks to me about my growth, my current struggles and is somehow sloppy poetic.



Just like the only logical way to make a giant canvas to be a good idea is that you’re not to mention it. The rule should be able and then the fight about it when it comes off the phone. He tells people that he has a place in his mind and he is going to be the first person who has a good chance. But the fact that he is not going to be able to breath is the only logical thing that he does. Although the company has been working on a date planned for him, he has also been working with the new administration to be able to provide a few additional steps to ensure that you are planning on taking the time of your inactions. The rule should have been to make the decision of the room and to the mental health of the day. She went to a local cat and I forgot about him. She was able to breath and he screamed at her. He tells them that he is not going anywhere and does not walk. It’s her fault and the fact she is allowed to be alive is the only logical reason why he was so angry.