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My name is Sam

My name is Sam.

My age is just a number.

I love to write,

But I prefer to think.

I’m normal,

Yet I’m different.

I love dogs,
But I don’t want one... Yet.

Sisters sing and brothers cry,

Yet parents remain in silence.

I’m Catholic.

But I’m an atheist.

I eat bread,
And I don’t break the body.

I drink wine,
But I don’t share blood.

I choose to love,
But love doesn’t choose me...

I tend to be happy,

But I’m filled with despair.

Knowledge surrounds me,

And I deny it.

I climb this ladder,

But I don’t look up.

I focus on enhancement,

Yet I complete the same cycle.

I want to improve,
But the damage has been done.

So, for me., personally,

Optimism is key.

People are funny,

Unless they try to be.

Acting is delightful,

Because you pretend to be,

Whatever you’re... Not.

My name is Sam,

And I am who I am.