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Time Travel

There was one person so ambitious for power. That he made a time machine and he went back in time but when he got there the machine was broken. Now he realised that he had made a grave mistake. Now he has to make another time machine from scratch. Before he could make a knoo one he needs defence. He needs a hews, a speare,an axe,and a pickaxe then he mite be able to get back home. Then Danial heard a noise in the distance he said to himself, "it’s a dinosaur! run!"

Danial ran for his life he went into his hews and hid at least he has a dodo. There were thou- sands of dinosaurs and creatures ewt side. When the noise went quieter Danial peared ewt the door. Outside there were spinosaurus,t-rexes,scorpions,tiranotars and plenty more. The only thing Danial has is a spear,pickaxe,ax,and a saddle. But the one thing Danial didn’t know is that there are more people on this time period.

The other people that came to this time period had the same problem that Danial had. Also the people that did that they came today. There not as comfortable as Danial is but that doesn’t mean that he’s comfortable in that moment. The people who came to the period in time they were his friends. His friends were searching for Danial for two days and then they found the time machine.

Danial’s friends they went in to the time machine that Danial was in. then Danial friends have been working together to make another time machine to go home. And then a stampede of di- nosaurs went stampeding towards their howews. Now Danial herd laud bangsit was his friends. Danial went and tamed a tech dragon. Danial flew away on his dragon and started making a time machine.