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The Story of Roger and Bob And The Big Bottle

Roger was on his trampoline doing some flips when he saw a flash of lightning! And then it started raining. Roger ran inside and called Bob on the phone. Roger said to Bob,

“Quick come over to my house so we can watch the lightning together”.


Bob and Roger watched the lightning for about 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes they saw all kinds of lightning, they saw chain lightning fork lightning and all kinds of weird stuff and then Bob asked Roger if he wanted to watch TV. He said “sure why not”. They walked down stairs to the TV but right before they turned it on the power went out?!

Roger and Bob were both really scared so they ran upstairs and got flashlights even though there was still light coming from the windows. Roger’s dad came down stairs to see if Bob Roger were ok. Bob is really scared of thunderstorms so he started to cry. Roger knew just the thing to cheer up Bob, Roger tried and tried and finally he let out the biggest fart in the history of farts and flew up in the air and hit the sealing and they both started laughing. After an hour or two the power turned back on and Bob went back to his house for dinner.

The next day Roger and Bob had a school project about donkeys, they have to learn every- thing about they and write it down on a big poster. Bob invited Roger to his house so they could research more about donkeys. Roger found an article on them so they started to read. As they were writing down the information there was an add that popped up and there was a man that said “Hey it’s me Hario and I’m bringing my fair to Mollusc Ville (that’s where Roger and Bob live) and if you go on the BIG BOTTLE you’ll become a MAN!!! Roger and Bob wanted to become a man because at school everybody (including the teacher) calls them little wimps. They also always getting bullied by this kid named Stuwy. There’s only one one other person who gets bullied by Stuwy and that’s Dueezil Jr. He is the weirdest guy Roger and Bob know, he picks his nose and eats it!

Once Roger and Bob were done their assignment about donkeys Bob asked Roger if he wanted to go on Roger’s trampoline and he said, “Sure, I actually learned how to do a double back full (that’s a really hard but cool trampoline flip)”. “Cool can you show me?” said Bob. So Bob and Roger went to Roger’s trampoline. Roger showed Bob double back full and he thought it was awesome.

Bob and Roger are very excited about the fair, they want to go on the big bottle (it’s a ride at the fair were they put you in a big glass bottle and throw you up in the air). Bob and Roger didn’t really know that though.