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The Evacuation

“Hey kids we’re going to take off in 5 minutes.” The loudspeaker sounded, it was the voice again. “Launching in T minus 3 minutes. Everybody get to your seat, get to your seats!” I was look- ing threw the window.
“Wait” I said, “I forgot to say goodbye to Grandpa.”
“Please, extend the time to T minus 5 minutes” Benjamin said into the mic.
“Roger that Benjamin” the loudspeaker said. They opened the main shuttle door and Grand-
pa was standing there.
“Bye Grandpa” I said and hugged him,
“I will miss you, good luck” Grandpa said “and I love you too”. The door closed, the loud-
speaker said “please get in your seats - launch in T minus 3 minutes and counting.”


I sat in the seat next to my Mom, “Please attach your seat-belts, launching T minus 30 seconds”, I put my seat-belt on, click. Launching in T minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BANG!

A rumbling sound erupted through the seats, and the seats went flying back as we got shot into space. It felt like days went by but I knew it was only minutes. Yes, the chairs were comfortable but flying at the speed of light couldn’t be more uncomfortable. I’ve been on many planes before and lift off was bad, but it was nothing compared to this! The constant revving of the motor, the jolts in the shuttle, I don’t think my body could take it. It was like an ax smashing into a tree trunk. Every- time the shuttle jolts, a queasy feeling rushes over me and I wish I was dead. Then ka-boom, it stops, the world is black, everything is black.