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The End of the Earth

          It was noon while May was staring out the window of her parents’ dream liner. May’s parents were trillionaires from creating space to explore SPEX. So she basically got anything she wanted. Personal teacher, computers, video games. Except for the one thing she knew she wouldn’t get is to go to a school. She had nothing but 5 friends that she lives within the parent’s home.


          Now, she and her friends had one-quarter of the plane.

          They just landed on their huge property in Texas.


          One night when May and her friends were all sleeping. They all suddenly woke up when they heard a loud alarm. They all grouped up at the top of the stairs. They all ran to the main floor of the house, all you saw were ashes and the floor cracking “run!’’ whoosh, they could feel the heat of the raging fire on their cheeks “ uu, guys we have a problem the wood as fell in front of the front door.’’ “ then let’s go in the basement. It’s filled with water halfway and it leads to a secret door in the safe house where are parents will be.’’ so they opened the door and swam through the basement
          Then the water started rising and just got out just as the basement filled completely with water. Then when they met their parents outside the house, they looked up and saw two huge alien forces battling for the earth so we all got on the huge ship the SPEX with all the other remaining humans and escaped just as the earth blew up.