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Survival Night

Hi, my name is Jax and two days ago while I was at a ski hill named Jay Peak I got lost in a glade run called Timbuktu and I had to survive for the night until the next morning when the ski patrol came and found me.
My mom and I had just gone up the ski-lift, and we looked at the map and decided to do Timbuktu. When we got to the entrance of the run it said “Challenging Run Skilled Skiers Only.”

Once we started the run it was pretty challenging to stay with my mom because the run was pretty steep and there were a bunch of trees everywhere I went off this one jump and all I could remember after was me hitting my head on a tree then everything went black.

When I woke up it was starting to get dark and I couldn’t see my mom anywhere I started to panic because I couldn’t see any light except for the light of the moon. I started screaming for my mom because at that moment I was terrified. When I heard no response I started to cry and then I heard it a wolves howl.
I started skiing as fast as I could because I knew wolves are no joke and that I had to find shelter. I found a big snow mound and I decided to dig it out with my skis and since I’m a racer my ski edges are sharp so used my skis to cut my skis and then I used the front part which is rounded to dig out the hole.
Once I got in my hole I blocked the entrance with the main part of the skis my helmet and my poles so that the wolves couldn’t get in and eat me.

I waited in my hole until I couldn’t the gowling of the wolves anymore, once i couldn’t hear them anymore, I decided to go out of my hole, I must have fallen asleep because it was starting to get sunny.