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          When I woke up this morning, my little pet army of loomians kept bothering me which made me get out out of bed. I did my morning routine and fed all the loomians.


          “ Vesperatu, Igneol, Geklow, Falkyrie and Revenine, come get your food! ” I said. Once I fed them all it was time! Another adventure at the new route! I have been waiting forever, Ever since I finished all my quests, like beating the Battle Theater Champion and earning my first badge, I was known and popular for being one of the few people to beat the Champion of the first theater. Once I got to the new route, it was so cool, I caught so many many new loomians like Kabunga, Slugling and Shawchi. I was on route 4 but when I was about to enter route 5, I saw this strange looking portal. Usually, the portals lead you to the next route and are colourful with a title like “Route 5”, but this one looked and was different. It was all dark colors like purple and black. There was no title so I didn’t know where it led me to, but, since I was so excited, I didn’t worry about a thing and being the little kid I was, I ran in with no second thoughts. As soon as I went in, I was in the sky, falling to my death, I screamed “Aaah!”. In my last moments I thought, “goodbye world, I will never get to complete the new route in my Robloxian life, a new Roblox user shall replace me”.


          “OOF” I heard, then suddenly, I was alive again, but in prison. “What the heck?” I thought, then I asked somebody nearby, “hey mister, what is this place?”,
          the guy replied with “Oh, hello noob, this game is all about escaping prison and then rob- bing stores or being a cop which is for noobs only”.
          “What? I have to rob stores?” I said surprised,
          “Yup!, oh and by the way, I’m 88IloveHockey88” he said
          “My name’s Potato, nice to meet you” I said. We became friends later on, and 88ilovehock-
ey88 showed me around. I didn’t like robbing anything but this was the point of the game, and I was stuck in there anyway.
          Then I asked him “hey, have you been experiencing problems in Roblox lately?”,
          “Actually I have, I thought I was the one that felt that” Hockey said.
          “What do you think is going in roblox?”
          “I don’t know” he said while not paying attention in front of us, Hockey was the one driv-
ing, then he said “Hey Potato, wanna rob the BaNnKAAaH!”


          Then, I fell again, but this time with Hockey beside me. We both fell in a big tower, it as VERY colorful and there were so many other people. I looked up and I was shocked! It was like parkour but with so many hard jumps. My only guess was that you work your way up the tower. I looked at Hockey and all he said was

          “hey dude! This looks fun!”. I was confused on how this tower looked amusing to Hockey but I thought “mehh, he’s weird anyway”. We slowly walked up spiral stairs before we got to the obbys, oh and by the way, obbys are short for obstacles in Roblox . The first obby was pretty easy,
all we had to do was jump on blocks spread apart, but, there was like a hundred more stages. There wasn’t actually that many more stages but this tower was very tall. A while later Hockey and me somehow got halfway through the tower and we saw a lot of Robloxians oof, which means they died and respawned all the way at the bottom and had to restart. When we got on stage 6, we met a guy, he looked like a serious pro and he did not like being disturbed, when we asked him how stage 6 worked, all he said was
          “Go away noobs, LOL”. He wasn’t very nice, but we just left him alone, but some- how we always encountered him on every stage, at some point Hockey asked him for his name, I think that guy was annoyed because he actually told us his name.

          He said “My name’s Kavier567”,
          “Hello Kavier567! Im Potato and this is Hockey.
          “Yeah whatever’ he said annoyed. We started doing the obby again from stages 6, 7 and 8,
Kavier was better than me and Hockey and whenever he was ahead of us, he would always say “Git up here”.

          “Finally!” I said, “we’re at the top!”
          “Ok, well now what?” said Hockey “Well, now we enter that portal and get some game points for winning” Kavier said. “Well let’s do it!” I said excited, when we touched the portal at the top, we thought we completed it but instead, it teleported us AGAIN. “WooOaAhh!” we screamed, “OOF”, we hit the ground pretty hard,

          “Where are we?” Kavier said.