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One Day of War

Lio is a 15 year old boy with light brown, dark brown eyes and caramel skin. He loved to pretend play fighting like a warrior with his big brother Edward. Edward was three years older than Lio, they looked the same, except for his light blue eyes. It was May 1, 1954, in a small village along the coast of France.

“ Morning already?” said Lio as he saw the sun shining in his eyes, “Ok, ok, I'm up.” Lio jumped out of his bed and he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. When he was done he could smell bacon and grilled eggs, he ran down the stairs and saw Edward reading some old news paper whatever was interesting on the paper I guess it’s pretty much nothing but old printed letters.


And of course his Mother was cooking. “Honey go get the mail” his mother said. Everybody in this house had a chore his was to go get the mail, his Mother gave him one because she knows he can never get that far in chores. He checked the front door and there was a letter on the wooden floor all alone, he picked it up and read while walking into the kitchen. “Edward its for you", he said raising both eyebrows .

Edward grabbed it out of Lio hands and said “Probably my exams". His Mother looked at Edward raising one eyebrow and putting her hands on her hips and said in a strange voice. “They said ‘ll give you it on May 28, not today.” Edward shrugged and opened the letter. His mother grabbed it out of his hand, when she finished reading her face became deep pale, Lio saw one tear slide on her cheek.


“What’s wrong Mother” Lio said looking to Edward then his Mother. She walked over to Edward hugged him and started crying like a storm was coming towards them. When Lio had the chance he walked out the house and sat on the porch until his Mother opened the door.

“ Where have you been?” she said in a shocked voice “ i’v been sitting on porch 30 minutes or an hour “ Lio replied. His mother sighed and said, “ I need to tell you something”