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NOME 1: Getting to Camp

I’m Alex and I’m here at Camp Airside I’m a kid at average height with a deep tanned skin and blue eyes my brother, Liam looks the exact same except his eyes, that are hazel green. Liam and I only have a dad because mom went missing 6 years ago and dad refuses to talk about her. I’m going to tell about how I got here, how I got to Camp Airside here at Bob’s Lake.

“So another summer day” said dad in a cheerful voice, as we packed our bags to leave for Bob’s lake.
The reason we were leaving was because of the things. There were these weird creepy things that keep jumping out on us, about to tear us to shreds. These creatures only show up when dad is not around, dad always says there was a portal but there was never really any obvious portals it’s just a simmer in the air then they would pop out and attack Right before dad shows up then turquoise light would enclose the beasts, They would disintegrate into nothingness with only a horn or a tooth left to prove that they had been there. Then dad would get out our lexus with a sweaty face and tell us to not touch the things then he would pick them up and put them in his work bag then tell us to get into the car.

I always thought it was really weird for dad to want to have what those monsters left behind but then again dad was kind of a weird person.[And don’t you dare tell him I said that, Liam] The weird part is almost no one knows what he does for work. Liam and I didn’t even know.

“Do we really need to go? We’re too old for this,” Liam and I complained. Though in my 12-year-old-heart deep down inside I was happy to go. As Liam and I packed our bags, Dad started to panic. I didn’t know why but as we got into the car dad said in a quick chopped tone “I only have one hour to tell you this so listen carefully.”

I was listening very well it turns out it was a good idea the information did not seem to be possible but I had this weird tugging in my gut and for some reason I knew he was telling the truth. [Ha! Ha! Ha! you were listening even more intently than me, so jokes on you Liam.] After dad was finished I was going to ask a question that I thought I knew the answer to expect like it had been on cue liam started to scream like a baby.[Hey no sarcastic comments for you Liam.] Dad quickly looked into the rearview mirror and I got a glimpse of this ugly 5 meter tall, lizard headed, dog-bodied, scorpion tailed monster with razor sharp teeth that could easily bucher a blue whale.


Dad quickly turned around in his seat and said “If you did not believe when I told you the story then do you believe me now” Liam and I nodded grimly for the first time knowing almost anything could be true. Dad tossed us two bags and told us if we had to run for it all we would ever need, to get to the camp he told us about in his story, would be there. Then he stepped on the gas and a huge burst of speed that made it feel as though an invisible hand had shoved us back into our seats was put on.

As we rocketed forward some how the monster was able to catch our draft and he started to gain on us again it was a terrible feeling your life was on the edge of death. Then for the first time the Dogorpisard struck he literally sliced the back of the car clean off. He was about to strike again but this time dad was faster, he slammed on the bracks and the monster went sprinting 175 kph not slowing down a pace until he was completely out of sight.

Dad said “That shall only buy us some time the Dogorpisard is one of the greatest hunters in this world if we don’t get to camp it will find us then ter us to shreds.” Me and Liam just stared at dad awe struck then followed him into the forest.

It seemed as though we had been walking for hours when we had finally reached the landmark that dad had told us about. it was the one car bridge that lead to the small cottage with that amazing view of the lake.
I looked awestruck at dad and said “You mean we have been living in a teleporter to a huge piece of land floating right above us!”

“Yes” he said “that is true.” Right as dad was finished the monster came into the clearing and pounced. Somehow dad with the agility of a 12-year-old encased the monster in that toquoise light.

Dad said in a terrified voice “Go into my room and turn on the lamp. You will see the left mirror shimmer run through it and you’ll be safe. Go I can’t hold him off for ever you know.”

As we sprinted to the cottage the encasing shimmered then went out the monster fell to the ground panting dad unsheathed a sword out of nowhere and stabbed it into the monster’s head the wound spilling with the golden blood. Then dad ran after us we got to dad’s room only a few seconds before him the lamp was easy to find the left side of the mirror not so much I found it right before dad got there.

I jumped through it felt like jumping into a warm bath. Then I was flat on my face in nice warm grase dad and Liam on either side of me a ton of kids in blue t-shirts were crammed around me. The last thought I had before I passed out was safe at last.