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Neymar’s Day

          It is the second recess on the hottest day! Neymar brought the ball to the middle of the field. The other team would be starting with the ball because last recess they had won. Neymar had tripped on the grass and the other team’s player had flown past him with the ball. He could still hear his classmates laughing at him. Some days he didn’t want to have the name Neymar.

          The game started. Pablo on the other team passed the ball back to Daniel and Daniel kicked the ball up into the sky yelling with sweat running down his face ‘Kyle! That’s yours!’ Kyle controls the ball, runs up the field until he reaches the net and he takes a really hard shot and.... GOAL!!!! Neymar’s team fell to the ground groaning.

          They were so hot they didn’t think could continue playing. The only player on the team that stayed on his feet was Neymar, even though he felt the same he tried to stay positive. He didn’t want a repeat of last recess. Neymar gathered up his team from the ground as now it was his team who was going to start in the middle.

          Peter started and passed to his right to Neymar. Neymar ran up the field with the ball. As other players ran to him, he got nervous but kicked the ball crazy hard up the field. The ball went flying in the sky and quickly fell down making a hard bounce five metres from the net. The goalie tried to jump up and catch it but it bounced up too high and then went into the net. GOAL! Neymar smiled with relief. Unfortunately, the bell rang just after he scored. Everybody ran to line up in their class line. Neymar picked up the soccer ball and ran to his line still smiling.