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One day in New York James Cook got out of his bed and went to work like a normal day but then something happened. The weather network was saying that a massive tornado was coming and James new so he came to work prepared and also they have had weather like this before so it was nothing for him but no today it was different.


After James was on break, he decided to take a walk so he went outside. The minute he arrived out he saw the weather coming it was really close so he went back in the building. Inside his office, he had a window so he could watch the storm. When he arrived to his office he quickly looked out of his window and saw the tornado but it also had some- thing else that it had picked up.

When it got close enough he identified that it was sharks but something else also. The news came back on with an emergency broadcast that said get inside now so James started to panic. James looked out of the small window in his office and saw what looked like animals being thrown out of the tornado flying everywhere and people being killed.


James tried to reach his bosses office but before he arrived a shark came flying through the window breaking it blocking his way. James was frozen he didn’t know what to do but then he remembered that when he got the job his boss told him that down stairs was an emergency axe so James clicked the elevator button but it was broken so he ran down the stairs then he found the axe on the floor with blood on it which looked like it was already used. James quickly picked up the axe and ran out the door. It was terrible what he saw dead people as well as animals. He ran down the street with the big red axe in his hand.

James looks up to the sky and sees a horse flying towards him he quickly swings the axe and cuts it right in half blood splattering everywhere. James arrives at his house and turns on the news. The news explains that the tornado went over the ocean first and picked up sea creatures and then went over land and picked up other animals with it and the news starts calling it a “Nado”. Suddenly James hears a big crash outside and sees a lion bleeding out badly from being thrown out of the tornado. He ran out the door killing the lion so it didn’t have to feel pain.

Running down the street James sees a little boy all by himself and takes him with him. James covers up the boys eyes so he doesn’t have to see all the blood around him. James finds shelter and puts the boy down. He then asks the little boy what his names is and he responds Tobin.


After the storm starts to end James brings Tobin to his house. Now the storm has passed and James opens his doors and goes outside to clean out the guts, blood and corps around his house. James has taken Tobin as his son and they lived happily in the small house.