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Lucky Ride

          One school day in Boston, George and Conner were walking down the hallway but Wade the school bully comes around the corner and George and Conner bump into him. Wade gets so mad because they knocked down his coca-cola so Wade yells,
          “What are you doing! You knocked down my coca-cola! Now all over the floor and it will get very sticky!” Conner yells back and says,
          “You’re not allowed in school!”
          “Nobody cares!” he replies and gives George and Conner a shove and walks away.

          George and Conner are talking about how rude and mean Wade is. They also said that he
could bully the president of the U.S.A like he was in his class. It is the last class of the day and of course Wade is in it, but the good thing is that he is sitting in the back of the room so he can’t bully anybody. George and Conner are sitting next to each other and they are talking about the big baseball game tonight. It is their baseball finals tonight and if they win they’re team goes to the “little league world series.” That is the biggest baseball tournament in the whole world because there are teams from all over the world that compete. Finally it is the end of math class and they rush out of class collect all of their stuff from their locker and go home to get ready for the game.


          George is getting in his mom’s car and they take off for the game. The game is on the other side of Boston and outside of Boston so it will take about 45 minutes to get to the game. George’s car is almost out of Boston when it breaks down and they still have about 20 minutes to drive. George’s mom calls the tow truck service and they say that they will take over an hour. So she calls Conner’s mom to see if they are close so they can pick them up but they are almost at the game so they hitch hike.


          They are waiting and waiting but finally 20 minutes later a rusty pick-up truck comes and picks them up. The guy inside is smelly like an ashtray, dirty, and his truck is the most filthy thing that George has seen, but he is very nice. So they introduce themselves to the guy and his name is Johnny. They tell him where to go and he says sure. It takes a while and Johnny is singing loudly and it is annoying to George but he doesn’t want to say stop because it is Johnny’s car. It took forever but they got to the game thanked Johnny again then ran to the game. Since George was there late and the pitcher that the team had to replace him with isn’t as good as George, his team is losing one to nothing. Conner yells


          “Where were you? And why do smell like you just jumped in a dumpster?” George explains as they warm up together.


          George is batting last because he was late but he is pitching the next inning and he strikes everyone out. Now Conner is batting and he hits a double, then a kid named Aaron hits a single and then other people get hits and finally with the bases loaded George is batting and he hits a grand slam! Now George’s team is winning 4-1 and George is pitching again and allows three hits and they score 2 runs. Now the score is 4-3. The next inning George’s team does not score but the other team does so the score is now 4-4. Nobody has scored since then and now it is the last inning and George is batting. There are three people on base and the game is tied up in the last inning. The pitch comes in right down the middle and George hits the ball far, but not as far as a home-run. It’s a double that scores two runs! Now the score is 6-4 for George and Conner’s team. Conner is pitching the last inning because he is their closer. Conner allows one hit and strikes everybody else out. George and Conner’s team wins it and they are going to the Little league-world series!