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Jack’s Trick

          Just then he flew off the last jump doing a triple backflip double tailwhip, quadruple barspin, the trick that jack had never landed before. If he landed it now he would win a million dollars. Right as his feet left the pedals he knew he wouldn’t land the trick. He crashed, and with dust flying every- where he rolled across the finish line with a broken femer, a broken neck and a broken arm. After that day, Jack knew his racing days were over.

          Jack is an 11 year old boy who lives beside a really big bike park in Whistler, B.C, Canada. His favorite sport is biking and he is really good at it. When he was 8 years old his dad died in a fire. Now it is only him, his older brother Brian and their mom Allison. They can’t afford to go to school so their Allison homeschools them.

4 years later...
          Jack was on his way home from school when he heard his best friend Richard talking about a
magic potion that could heal anything.
          “Where did you hear that?” Jack asked feeling excited that he could maybe bike again. “My
dad told me that his friend at work Connor kelly invented it last week” Richard replied.
          “Ok thanks” Jack said. The next day after school jack went looking for Connor but had no
luck finding him so he went home. When he got home “Mom, do you know Connor Kelly?” Jack asked. “Yes I do” replied his mom.
          “Can I phone him please?” Jack asked.
          “Ok” replied his mom. Right as Connor picked up the phone he already knew Jack’s ques- tion.
          “Can I have a bottle of the healing potion?” Connor said no before Jack even had time to finish asking then he hung up. In his head Jack was thinking that he would have to break into Con- nors mansion and steal the potion.