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Attack of the Grim Nasher

My name is Mune, now my islands name is Skalem, it has a lot of trees and materials for building. Skalem is not like most islands usually there’s mosquitoes or flies but no, we have... Drag- ons!I have a sky dragon whose name is Sky Jumper, my best friend’s name is Zach. he’s a professional mapper which means that he creates maps and helps navigate.Zach’s dragons name is Tree glider. My little brother is half a year old and his name is Bobby but his full name is Bobby Devard Nartic the seventh.

Tonight was Grathen berg our islands favourite holiday, I was the only one who hated it, I hated it because the last Grathen berg I saw a dragon that was thin and sharp. Glowing eyes staring at me from above... This Grathen berg was quite fun until I looked up and saw it, the same dragon as before. As soon as one of the adults saw it they yelled and started to panic. Soon everyone was looking at it. All the sudden it disappeared in mid air. ‘’It can camouflage!!’’ screamed the viking. Everyone had their swords out ready for it to come out, but then there was a baby screaming in the distance. The dragon flew over us, it was carrying Bobby!!! At that moment I knew this had to stop.

I got Zach to help me track it and map the way to its layer. We found out that it lives in a huge formation of rocks. Suddenly we heard Bobby yell. ‘’It came from inside that cave entrance’’ Zach said. We snuck up to the cave and looked inside, we saw Bobby sitting on a floating rock in the middle of a giant hole that looked as if it went down, down and down. I grabbed a rock that was floating in front of us and dropped it to a deafening roar. Zach and I knew it was coming back, so we flew over to Bobby, I was about to pick him up but then I felt something big breathing behind me. Me and Zach both got on our dragons supper fast and were ready to fight...

There we were flying in front of the dragon that took my little brother away from me. When it started to fly towards us Zach said he would distracked it while I get Bobby. I swooped down and got Bobby, I signaled to Zach that I got him and to get out of there. We flew as fast as possible out of the cave and blasted the cave entrance trapping it there forever. We decided to call the dragon a Grim Nashe. Our story is definitely one to remember.