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          Feeling the thrusts on his head, Jonah Stone, a 13-year-old boy from Africa at school, he was getting teased and punched in the ribs. “Common wimp, fight back!” A giant teenager towering over Jonah. There was more than one of these kids as tall as adults. There was no way he couldn’t fight back to these people.

          Jonah opened the back door.

          “Mum, I’m home.” he said as he heads to his room and lies down on his bed. He opens a new book reads for a couple of minutes. Jonah’s eyelids are getting heavy, he slowly shuts them. And falls asleep.

          “Jonah, dinner,” His mother said to him. Jonah went downstairs and sat at the table


          “How was your day,” Their dad asked.


          “It was good how was yours” Jonah replied.


          “Well, I got a job” His father replied. his father stood to talk about how good his job is and all that Jonah wasn’t listening.


          “May I please be excused?” Jonah asked.


          “First we need to talk.” His father did not look too serious. “We’ve been thinking, your mom and I, would you like to play a sport?” His father asked.


          “HOCKEY” Jordan immediately yelled. Jordan loved hockey, personally, Jonah liked soccer.
The next day, there were soccer tryouts, “What luck” Jonah thought. At the end of the day, everyone was laughing at him for trying out for soccer. When the coach formed the teams, Jonah and the other kids. started to play. Jonah was the best player there everyone was surprised at how good he was. Jonah kept on playing and playing and playing until the tryouts stopped. For Jordan thought there were hockey tryouts so his parents bought him everything he needed to play hockey. That day the hockey tryouts were going on Jordan played his best and he was excited to see who made it.


          A few weeks later Jonah heard an announcement, “THE SOCCER TEAM IS POSTED ON THE BOARD!” Jonah was excited to see if he made it. After class, he and a few others were
standing at the board looking at the sheet of paper with the team on it. He had made it! He was so happy that he pranced around the yard.


          “MUM, MUM, I MADE THE SOCCER TEAM!” He shouted right when he got into the house. At the same moment, Jordan yelled:


          “MUM, I MADE THE HOCKEY TEAM!” Jordan said.


          “That’s great both of you!” Their mom replied.


          In the end, all the other kids were amazed at how good Jordan and Jonah were at the sports. They even stopped bullying him and teasing him.