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Dreams for the Future (Free verse)

I find myself in a 2069 in a flying car.
As I fly around the city, in the air there is a smell of fresh fruit and veggies growing in

Instead of punishment for crime, I see social groups for maniacs, burglars, and more to talk

to each other or psychiatrists.
Schools have no detentions, just silent spots in every classroom for everyone.
People are not judged for their culture any more.
People come together to help one another.
People are not diagnosed with things like OCD just because of how they act.
There is only equity, no equalness.
Schools everywhere now focus more on teaching people about respect, friendship, and their


Poetry is part of everyone’s education.
There are huge trains devoted to sending food to places like Africa, and buildings devoted to

hosting the homeless.
People no longer take fossil fuel out of the ground.

Everything possible is reused or recycled.
I let out a sigh of relief.

People are kind to one another.