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Quotes From Middle School Workshops

" I wish high school students came up with all of the questions for the interviews, panels & events we have participated in! I was blown away by both Grade 9 classes intellect reflected in their nuanced & thought provoking questions. Our classroom visit gave me a lot of hope for the future & reminded me of exactly why it's important to tell our stories & share our art & writing with the world.
—Gem Hall Illustrator and collaborator with Rae Spoon for 'Green Glass Ghosts’
" Youth needs to be heard. Youth needs rights. Youth needs you.
" You helped me get out of my comfort zone by encouraging me to be a poet on a stage with a mic.
" I have no words for how many great emotions I have. I have learned more about myself than how I would by myself.
" This opportunity was such a gift. In my poem I wrote: use your present as a gift. You definitely helped me do that with this opportunity.
" Thank you for teaching me lots of cool things.

About Our Writing Workshops

When we’re back in person in classrooms, in libraries, and other public venues the writing will be published here. Please check our archives to view previous student writing.