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Fisher Park PS/Summit Alternative250 Holland Avenue

Opening of the Republic of Childhood Youth Forum

Opening of the Republic of Childhood Youth Forum

Fisher Park PS/Summit Alternative
250 Holland Avenue
Brigitte Pellerin
Kathleen Gallagher
Kristina Watt
Landon Pearson


• A drumming circle by students
• Performance of the play "12", co-created by 10 students and Kristina Watt

• Conversation with Guest Speaker Kathleen Gallagher, Kristina Watt and young performers
• Special address by former Senator Landon Pearson, a tireless advocate for children’s rights.


About 12

12 is a new theatre creation that gives voice to youth with regards to the Climate Crisis and the future they have inherited. The text is built from writings/conversations with 10 Ottawa teens, interviews they had with family/friends and people they met, actual text from COP24 in Poland, and words spoken by global youth activists such as Boyan Slat, Greta Thunberg, and the Australian high school kids who were told to be "less activist." 12 is not a teen rant. It dares to ask questions, including to each other, of what it actually means to take action at the 11th hour.

A 100 Watt Production in collaboration with the Ottawa Children's Theatre

Creation & Direction:
Kristina Watt


Performers and Co-Creators:
Savva Boguslavskiy
Anna Carsley-Jones
Sebastien Cimpaye
Sophie Dean
Quinn Lesaux
Jaya Matiation
Olivia Smith
Ethan Whidden
Kaatje Yates
Paige Young


Production Assistants:
Thalia Paterson

Quinn Melenchuk

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Opening of the Republic of Childhood Youth Forum

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Opening of the Republic of Childhood Youth Forum

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