Ottawa's Festival of Ideas Since 1997

The Writers Festival was born in 1997, and in 1999 we introduced our writers-in-schools program which, to date, has connected well over 100 Canadian and international writers in all genres with more that 3500 young learners throughout the region.


The Republic of Childhood was launched on November 20th, 2017, Universal Children’s Day, and the anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Republic of Childhood is designed to centre the voices and experiences of young people. It is a direct response to teachers, parents, librarians and, of course, kids themselves who desire a more intensive writing experience where they are front and centre in the delivery of books, stories and the writing life.

Putting Children First

Creativity, curiosity and innovation come naturally to children. The Republic of Childhood is a space where these natural gifts are nourished and protected in a safe and loving environment.

Children’s Rights

We are indebted to the tireless work and inspiration of Senator Landon Pearson who, for almost half a century, has been a devoted champion of the well-being and rights of the child.


Upon her retirement from the Senate in 2005, Landon Pearson moved with all her documents and papers to Carleton University where she directs a Resource Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children’s Rights that has been established in her name.


We believe that a love of reading and learning should be nurtured throughout our lives and that literacy is a birthright. Whether offering writing workshops to the homeless, hosting a Nobel Laureate, organizing our biannual literary celebrations or bringing authors into area schools, our goal is the same: to create an environment that activates creativity and encourages the love of reading, learning and self-expression.


The Ottawa International Writers Festival is dedicated to providing a welcoming, respectful and comfortable environment for all its guests. In response to complaints of harassment or inappropriate behaviour that are brought to the attention of staff, guests may be asked to change their behaviour or to leave, at the discretion of the festival. Festival staff will use their judgment to respond to any incidents or allegations.

About Oneness-World

Oneness-World Communications is a charitable corporation (Charitable # 86830 7778 RR0001) whose mission is “to promote an appreciation of the cultural arts in Canada through public events; to create and manage public events that promote literacy and the cultural arts; and to provide related services. The most visible manifestation of this mission is the Ottawa International Writers Festival, Spring and Fall Editions.”


In addition to our annual literary Festivals and our Write On! literacy program for young readers, we also host year-round literary events and literacy programs for the disadvantaged.


In addition to our annual literary Festivals and our Write On! literacy program for young readers, we also host year-round literary events and literacy programs for the disadvantaged.