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Lovers in a Dangerous Time

with Emily Austin, Loghan Paylor and Christina Cooke
Hosted by Kate Heartfield

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

with Emily Austin, Loghan Paylor and Christina Cooke
Hosted by Kate Heartfield
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellingtons Street
Christina Cooke
Emily Austin
Loghan Paylor

From the dissonance of online dating, to family drama and the battlefields of world war two, it’s always been dangerous to choose love. Join bestselling author Kate Heartfield for a conversation with three writers whose celebrated new books map the universal constants of romantic love and the diversity of queer experience.


Interesting Facts about Space by Emily Austin is a fast-paced, and ultimately hopeful novel for anyone who has ever worried they might be a terrible person. Enid is obsessed with space. She can tell you all about black holes and their ability to spaghettify you without batting an eye in fear. When she unwittingly plunges into her first serious romantic entanglement, Enid must contend with her mounting suspicion that something is seriously wrong with her. Because at the end of the day there’s only one person she can’t outrun—herself.


The Cure for Drowning  by Loghan Paylor is both a boundary-pushing love story and a Canadian historical novel that boldly centres queer and non-binary characters in unprecedented ways. Born Kathleen to an immigrant Irish farming family in southern Ontario, Kit is a daredevil in boy's clothes, and chafes at every aspect of a farmgirl's life. Rebekah, an elegant German-Canadian doctor's daughter, moves to town with her parents in April 1939. Soon she and Kit, and Kit's older brother, Landon, are drawn tight in a love triangle that will tear them and their families apart, and send each of them off on a separate path to war.


In Broughtupsy: A Novel  by Christina Cooke, Akúa is returning home to Jamaica for the first time in ten years. Her younger brother has died suddenly, and she hopes to reconnect with her estranged older sister, Tamika. Over three fateful weeks, Akúa is forced to confront the difficult reality of being gay in a deeply religious family. By turns diasporic family saga, bildungsroman, and terse sexual awakening,  Broughtupsy asks: What are we willing to do for family, and what are we willing to do to feel at home?


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Lovers in a Dangerous Time

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