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A History of Violence

with Sara Power, Conor Kerr and Sheila James
Hosted by Peter Schneider

A History of Violence

with Sara Power, Conor Kerr and Sheila James
Hosted by Peter Schneider
.Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Conor Kerr - Photo by Jordon Hon
Sara Power - Photo by Curtis Perry
Sheila James - Photo by Dinesh Shah

Join Peter Schneider for a conversation with three acclaimed authors whose latest work grapples with the many ways violence –political, economic and domestic–shapes our interactions with each other and the world we share.


Art of Camouflage  by Sara Power is powerful debut about the lives of women and girls caught in the orbit of the military.

Female recruits weathering toxic masculine environments. Military wives stretched thin across countless military moves, new cities and new selves. Throughout, this collection introduces us to characters who trespass beyond the boundaries of their own realities to discover who they are within someone else’s narrative.


Prairie Edge: A Novel  by Conor Kerr is propulsive crime thriller that doubles as a sharp critique of modern activism and challenges readers to consider what “Land Back” might really look like. Two distant Métis cousins hatch a bold yet dangerous plan: capture a herd of bison from a national park and set them free in downtown Edmonton, disrupting the churn of settler routine.


Outcaste  by Sheila James is an epic tale that spans fifty years, four generations, and two continents. Perched out of sight in a tree beside the road, Malika, a communist resistance fighter, prepares to assassinate the new governor in a village in the recently independent India. As she prepares to shoot, she recognizes the man riding in the car and hesitates. Fifty years later, that man, Rayappa, returns to India and revisits the lingering legacy of the caste system, the brutal invasion of the kingdom of Hyderabad by the nascent Indian state, and his encounter with Malika.


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A History of Violence

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A History of Violence

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