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Podcast Episode 18

The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi

with Keith Seifert
Hosted by Sean Wilson

The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi

with Keith Seifert
Hosted by Sean Wilson
Keith Seifert - Photo by Satpal Bilkhu

Join us for a conversation between Sean Wilson and Dr. Keith Seifert, author of The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi: Exploring the Microscopic World in Our Forests, Homes, and Bodies.


In this illuminating book, esteemed mycologist Keith Seifert reveals the important role that microscopic fungi, including yeasts, molds, and slimes, play in our lives, all while remaining invisible to the naked eye.


Despite their many benefits, we hold a precarious relationship with fungi: fungal diseases lead to over 1 million deaths each year, and they have played a destructive role in disasters ranging from the Irish Potato Famine to possibly even the extinction of the dinosaurs. 


The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi urges us to better understand our relationship with fungi-and to plan our future with them in mind-while revealing their world in all its beautiful complexity.


Books are available from our friends at Perfect Books.


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The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi

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The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi

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