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Christ Church Cathedral414 Sparks St.

Run Towards the Danger

with Sarah Polley
Hosted by Julie S. Lalonde

Run Towards the Danger

with Sarah Polley
Hosted by Julie S. Lalonde
Christ Church Cathedral
414 Sparks St.
Sarah Polley - Photo by Luc Montpellier



Join us for an evening with Oscar-nominated screenwriter, director, and actor Sarah Polley in conversation with Julie S. Lalonde about her acclaimed memoir Run Towards the Danger: Confrontations with a Body of Memory .


Sarah Polley’s work as an actor, screenwriter, and director is celebrated for its honesty, complexity, and deep humanity. She brings all of those qualities along with her exquisite storytelling chops to these six essays. Each one captures a piece of Polley’s life as she remembers it, while at the same time examining the fallibility of memory, the mutability of reality in the mind, and the possibility of experiencing the past anew, as the person you are now but were not then. As Polley writes, the past and present are in a “reciprocal pressure dance”.


Polley contemplates stories from her own life ranging from stage fright to high risk childbirth to endangerment and more. After struggling with the aftermath of a concussion, Polley met a specialist who gave her wholly new advice: To recover from a traumatic injury, she had to retrain her mind to strength by charging towards the very activities that triggered her symptoms. With riveting clarity, she shows the power of applying that same advice to other areas of her life in order to find a path forward, a way through. Rather than live in a protective crouch, she had to run towards the danger.


In this extraordinary book, Sarah Polley explores what it is to live in one’s body, in a constant state of becoming, learning, and changing.


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Run Towards the Danger

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Run Towards the Danger

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