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Manx Pub370 Elgin St.

Plan 99

with Stevie Howell, Canisia Lubrin and Gillian Sze

Plan 99

with Stevie Howell, Canisia Lubrin and Gillian Sze
Manx Pub
370 Elgin St.
Gillian Sze
Stevie Howell

We are thrilled to be partnering with the Plan 99 Reading Series for an afternoon of stunning live poetry.


The Hawaiian surf, the neuropsychologist's lab, the deliriums of social media, and the recovery room. From geology to theology, lyric pain to the contemplative mind of the quasi-saint, I left nothing inside on purpose by Stevie Howell is a deeply affecting, glittering analysis of who we are when we claim to be ourselves in the world.


Canisia Lubrin’s Voodoo Hypothesis is a subversion of the imperial construct of "blackness" and a rejection of the contemporary and historical systems that paint black people as inferior, through constant parallel representations of "evil" and “savagery."


In Panicle, Gillian Sze makes her readers look and, more importantly, look again. It’s a collection that challenges our notion of seeing as a passive or automatic activity by asking us to question the process of looking.


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Plan 99

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Plan 99

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