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The barn at Fieldwork2501 Old Brooke Rd. near Maberly

Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land

Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land

The barn at Fieldwork
2501 Old Brooke Rd. near Maberly

2 women productions and Fieldwork are pleased to present Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land.


Marie Bilodeau  

Katherine Grier  

Daniel Kletke   

Marta Singh   

Curated by Jennifer Cayley  

The old stories–our world treasury of folk and fairy tales–are a fundamental part of our history, cultural identities, and of who we are. They have been passed down from mouth to ear, mouth to ear, again and again over hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of years. They have grown out of, and into, every landscape inhabited by humankind. Marginalized, neglected, infantilized, and obscured by the cacophony of contemporary life, these foundational tales are at risk of being forgotten. 

Four of our region’s finest storytellers journeyed into the very particular natural and creative landscapes at Fieldwork. Inspired by their experiences and by an abiding love for the old stories, the tellers will bring a vivid and profoundly simple performance of telling tales to the intimate loft-space at Fieldwork. Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land will offer audience members a rich and memorable experience of some of our ancient, yet oh-so-contemporary narrative gems.

Fieldwork and 2 women productions are pleased to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council, National Bank Financials and the Ottawa International Writers Festival in the presentation of Storywork.

Since 2008 Fieldwork has presented unique site-responsive art installations in and around a farm field and forest. Both established and emerging visual artists have been featured.  Fieldwork endeavours to cultivate connections between people, art and nature and to encourage a wide-ranging pursuit of artistic expression that is rooted in the land. 

The opening of Fieldwork 2016–Outdoor Art Exhibition was May 5, 2-4 pm. This outdoor art space is open to the public to explore at liberty, year-round, free of charge.

Fieldwork also hosts creative, outdoor, exploratory workshops to link people (particularly kids) with nature and a writers weekend and reading called Framework: Words on the Land in August. 

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Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land

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Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land

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