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The barn at Fieldwork2501 Old Brooke Rd, near Maberly

Framework: Words on the Land - 2016

Framework: Words on the Land - 2016

The barn at Fieldwork
2501 Old Brooke Rd, near Maberly

 Framework: Words on the Land is proud to announce its 2016 roster of writers:

Katherine Graham, John K. Grande, Helen Humphreys, Jonathan Kaplansky Monty Reid, Sandra Ridley, John Steffler, Alissa Yorkand  Pearl Pirie.

 *Please note that Kathleen Winter, Andrew Kaufman and Natale Ghent are no longer able to participate


This summer, over the course of a late August weekend, ten writers will find themselves in the forest at Fieldwork near Perth, Ontario.

These writers will be presented with a simple wooden frame installed at their site - intended to suggest rather than proscribe perspective. For some, their frames may briefly supplant the computer screen as a form of illumination.  For others, the frame may provide a welcome focal point or a springboard for inspiration.

What they write from their designated sites will be read to a public audience from the intimate loft-space of a barn at Fieldwork on Sunday, August 21st at 3pm. 

Framework 2015 – our inaugural event - was by all accounts a resounding pleasure for both writers and audience members. Not a single intrepid writer came screaming out of the woods.  One writer even set up a bush cocktail bar at his site and wrote about it.  The public reading and discussion was captivating.  The writing was first class. Authors sold books. The weather was glorious. Framework now has a reputation to live up to.

Join ten writers this August 21 as they read from their weekend’s creative output and reflect on the experience of writing on the land.    

Tickets are limited and only available in advance through the OIWF. So be sure to purchase them early!

Fieldwork is very pleased to be presenting this event once again in partnership with the Ottawa International Writers Festival.

Since 2008 Fieldwork has presented unique site-responsive art installations in and around a farm field and forest. Both established and emerging visual artists have been featured.  Fieldwork endeavors to cultivate connections between people, art and nature and to encourage a wide-ranging pursuit of artistic expression that is rooted in the land.   Framework: Words on the Land is Fieldwork's first offspring and was designed to lure literature into the creative mix of their programs. 

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Framework: Words on the Land - 2016

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Framework: Words on the Land - 2016

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