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Christ Church Cathedral414 Sparks Street

Nurturing Creativity with David Usher

Hosted by CBC’s Sandra Abma

Nurturing Creativity with David Usher

Hosted by CBC’s Sandra Abma
Christ Church Cathedral
414 Sparks Street
David Usher - Photo by Sabrina Reeves

Join us for a conversation on creativity with musician, entrepreneur and keynote speaker David Usher


At his company, CloudID Creativity Labs, there is a sign on the wall that reads: “Dream big: Let the elephants run!” The words are a reminder for us to hold a place in our minds for creativity, where big ideas can form and our imagination can run free. 


His new book, Let the Elephants Run is an essential guide to reconnecting with our imaginations and nurturing our creativity in accessible and productive ways. Using a mix of personal anecdotes and professional examples from the worlds of industry, technology, science, music and art, he shows us that creativity is not magic; it is a learnable skill that any person or business can master.


Creativity is in our DNA; it’s in everyone, not just the creative class. We all start our lives as creative beings, but for many that spark becomes lost over time. How do we jump-start our creative process as adults? What does it means to be a creative person? How do we follow through with our ideas and turn them into tangible outcomes?


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Nurturing Creativity with David Usher

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Nurturing Creativity with David Usher

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