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The loft at FIELDWORK2501 Old Brooke Rd. Maberly

Framework: Words on the Land

Framework: Words on the Land

The loft at FIELDWORK
2501 Old Brooke Rd. Maberly

A new kind of cultivation is happening in and around a field near Perth, ON – one that clearly puts the culture in agriculture as it were. In addition to its annual exhibitions of site-responsive art installations, Fieldwork is breaking new ground in 2015 with a project that plants writers in the rural landscape for a weekend of land-inspired writing, and which in turn invites you to come and hear their words.

Picture ten writers at ten portals in and around a field – each one framing a different perspective of the land – and you have Framework. Part workshop, part retreat and part performance, this weekend is unexplored territory for everyone involved and promises to illuminate both the creative processes unique to each writer and the numerous responses elicited from being, seeing and writing in nature.

After two days of writing on site, we will open the loft of our lovely old Lanark County barn to the public for you to join us in conversation with the writers as they reflect on their weekend and read selections of their words summoned from the land.

Fieldwork is pleased to be presenting this event in partnership with the OIWF.


Initiated in 2008, Fieldwork is a 20-acre outdoor, creative space that aims to cultivate connections between people, imagination and nature. It is located on a farm in eastern Ontario just west of Perth.  A small field and an adjoining forest host a diverse collection of site-responsive art installations that the public can explore year round, for free. We also periodically host workshops that bring people (kids especially) to nature for creative explorations. The project is voluntarily managed by the Fieldwork Collective and has been supported by the Ontario Arts Council since the project’s inception.

For more about Fieldwork visit our website –  and our Facebook page.


Writers’ names (in no particular order)

Merilyn Simonds       
Amanda West Lewis   
Amanda Jernigan       
Phil Hall           
Jeff Warren          
Christine Pountney       
Troy McClure       
Mike Blouin           
Matthew Holmes       
Wayne Grady       

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Framework: Words on the Land

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Framework: Words on the Land

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