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Write On! With Caroline Pignat and Janet Turpin Myers

Hosted by Nina Jane Drystek

Write On! With Caroline Pignat and Janet Turpin Myers

Hosted by Nina Jane Drystek
Glebe Community Centre
175 Third Ave.
Caroline Pignat - Photo by Tony Pignat
Janet Turpin Myers

Celebrate Mother's Day in the company of two gifted storytellers who take us back in time to shine a bright light on our present.


Both stories capture the innocence, sweetness and hope of young love and at the same time reveal the haunting dark memories and terrible loss that often accompany us as we set out on our life's journey.


Sometimes looking back can show us the truth we were too afraid to face, other times it reveals one we didn’t know was there. It can be a healing experience, but it can also be more painful than we remember.


In her new novel, Unspeakable, Governor General's Award winner Caroline Pignat (author of the Green Grass Series and Egghead) takes us aboard the Empress of Ireland in 1914  where a teenaged stewardess and a young solitary fire stoker fall in love and where disaster strikes.Working as a stewardess aboard the Empress of Ireland allows Ellie Ryan to forget about why she has been banished from her family home. On her second voyage, Ellie finds herself drawn to the solitary fire stoker, Jim, but after that awful night Ellie finds it hard to think of him. When journalist Wyatt Steele shows up at her door and asks for her story, Ellie refuses until he shows her Jim’s journal, and she jumps at a chance to read it herself. The only condition: she must tell her story in order to read his. 


In her debut novel, Nightswimming , Janet Turpin Myers brings us a 1960's love story of summers in the Muskoka retold in the form of an audio memoir on the eve of the the fortieth anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. That summer in Muskoka felt like paradise, spinster neighbours, hippies preaching about peace, the songs of Bob Dylan, and two friends struggling with their love for the same one-of-a-kind boy. And yet there is something more Sandy pretends to forget—the quick grazing of horror in the black water of a long-ago lake. In her first novel, Janet Turpin Myers explores the struggle of dealing with a past that threatens to resurface.



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Write On! With Caroline Pignat and Janet Turpin Myers

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Write On! With Caroline Pignat and Janet Turpin Myers

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