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Podcast Episode 11

Almost Visible

with Michelle Sinclair
Hosted by CKCU’s Susan Johnston

Almost Visible

with Michelle Sinclair
Hosted by CKCU’s Susan Johnston
Michelle Sinclair

Please note: Due to issues with SoundCloud, this episode has been delayed and will now premiere on Friday, December 9th.


CKCU’s Susan Johnston sits down with Ottawa’s Michelle Sinclair about her acclaimed debut novel, Almost Visible . Exploring cultural and personal memory, it reflects on what can happen when a lonely person intervenes in another person's life.


Tess has just moved to Montreal from Nova Scotia, and seeks to lose herself by involving herself in the lives of others. She befriends an older man while delivering meals to the elderly. Her interest in his past veers into obsession after furtively going through his photos and letters and "borrowing" his journal.

Though fact and fiction are blurred, they reveal a man shaken by political polarization and repression in his Latin-American homeland.


Tess learns about a young, passionate man in the 1970s forced to reconcile his love for a militant young woman and his dedication to his best friend whose family is on the other side of the political divide. As she delves deeper into Mr. the man’s story, she questions her own life choices, emotions and obsessions.


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Almost Visible

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Almost Visible

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