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Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre355 Cooper St.

Carleton Presents: No New Land?

With Tina Athaide, Tasneem Jamal, and Hafsa Zayyan
Hosted by Zulfikar Hirji

Carleton Presents: No New Land?

With Tina Athaide, Tasneem Jamal, and Hafsa Zayyan
Hosted by Zulfikar Hirji
Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre
355 Cooper St.
Hafsa Zayyan
Tasneem Jamal
Tina Athaide

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the expulsion of more than fifty thousand Ugandan Asians expelled from Uganda in 1972 by the military dictator Idi Amin. These people, many of whom had known no other home than Africa, some for generations, were given ninety days to leave Uganda or face severe consequences. It marks the anniversary of the full commencement of Idi Amin’s almost decade-long reign of terror during which more than five-hundred thousand Ugandan Africans were murdered. Join our host, York University’s Zulfikar Hirji and authors Tina Athaide, Tasneem Jamal, and Hafsa Zayyan for a conversation about their fictional stories of loss, longing and belonging, each set in the context of the expulsion. 


This event is hosted in conjunction with the Beyond Resettlement conference hosted by Carleton University (November 14-16, 2022).


PLEASE NOTE: FROM 5-7 PM THERE IS A UGANDA 50/60 RECEPTION: A Commemoration of our shared history


Join us for a reception as we reflect on the 60th anniversary of Uganda Independence, and the 50th Anniversary of the significant Ugandan South Asian settlement in Canada.   The reception will include special cultural performances, and short speeches from distinguished guests. Come and experience with us a calm and cozy evening as we snack away on amazing Indian and Ugandan Snacks. 
We'll begin our evening with a few minutes of Networking before we work our way into the rest of the day's program.


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Carleton Presents: No New Land?

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Carleton Presents: No New Land?

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