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Christ Church Cathedral414 Sparks St.

An Autobiography of Our Galaxy 

with Moiya McTier
Hosted by Sean Wilson

An Autobiography of Our Galaxy 

with Moiya McTier
Hosted by Sean Wilson
Christ Church Cathedral
414 Sparks St.
Dr. Moiya McTier - Photo by Mindy Tucker

Astrophysicist and folklorist Dr. Moiya McTier channels The Milky Way in an approachable and utterly fascinating autobiography of the titular galaxy, detailing what humans have discovered about everything from its formation to its eventual death, and what more there is to learn about this galaxy we call home.


It all began some thirteen billion years ago, when clouds of gas scattered through the universe's primordial plasma just could not keep their metaphorical hands off each other. They succumbed to their gravitational attraction, and the galaxy we know as the Milky Way was born. Since then, the galaxy has watched as dark energy pushed away its first friends, as humans mythologized its name and purpose, and as galactic archaeologists have worked to determine its true age (rude). The Milky Way has absorbed supermassive (an actual technical term) black holes, made enemies of a few galactic neighbors, and mourned the deaths of countless stars. Our home galaxy has even fallen in love.


After all this time, the Milky Way finally feels that it's amassed enough experience for the juicy tell-all we've all been waiting for. Its fascinating autobiography recounts the history and future of the universe in accessible but scientific detail, presenting a summary of human astronomical knowledge thus far that is unquestionably out of this world.


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An Autobiography of Our Galaxy 

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An Autobiography of Our Galaxy 

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