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Podcast Episode 05

Living with Dying Part Two

with Sheree Fitch and Lorna Crozier
Hosted by Neil Wilson and Peter Schneider

Living with Dying Part Two

with Sheree Fitch and Lorna Crozier
Hosted by Neil Wilson and Peter Schneider
Lorna Crozier - Photo by Angie Abdou
Sheree Fitch - Photo by Keith Minchin Photo
We seem to avoid thinking about mortality, or talking about loss, but it is an unavoidable fact that we all face the loss of a loved one, and will each confront that truth in different ways. If grief is unavoidable, what is the best way to make peace with it?
Part Two of Living With Dying features Lorna Crozier in conversation with Peter Schneider and Sheree Fitch in conversation with Neil Wilson
In the wake of her son's unexpected death, author and storyteller Sheree Fitch wrote it all down, penning an honest, lyrical memoir with words to stir heart. You Won't Always Be This Sad invites readers on a journey through grief towards hope, guided by the immeasurable depths of a mother's love.
Told with unflinching honesty and fierce tenderness, Through the Garden by Lorna Crozier is a deeply affecting portrait of a long partnership and a clear-eyed account of the impact of a serious illness, writing as consolation, and the enduring significance of poetry. When Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane met at a poetry workshop in 1976, they had no idea that they would go on to write more than forty books between them, balancing their careers with their devotion to each other, and to their beloved cats, for decades. Then, in January 2017, their life together changed unexpectedly when Patrick became seriously ill. At once a spirited account of the past and a poignant reckoning with the present, it is, above all, an extraordinary and unforgettable love story.
A limited number of signed books are available from our friends at Perfect Books.

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Living with Dying Part Two

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Living with Dying Part Two

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