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Podcast Episode 03

Living History

With Aislinn Hunter and Gil Adamson
Sean Wilson and Susan Birkwood

Living History

With Aislinn Hunter and Gil Adamson
Sean Wilson and Susan Birkwood
Aislinn Hunter
Gil Adamson
We sometimes think of history as something distant, but the more we explore the past, the more we see the present reflected, the lessons learned and the lessons we are still trying to get right. 
This episode features Aislinn Hunter in conversation with Sean Wilson, and Gil Adamson in conversation with Carleton's Susan Birkwood.
The Certainties, by Aislinn Hunter is a moving and transformative blend of historical and speculative fiction--a novel that shows us what it means to bear witness, and to attend to those who seek refuge, past and present. In 1940, as the shadow of war lengthens over Europe, three mysterious travelers enter a village in Spain. Meanwhile, in the 1980s, a woman named Pia seeks solitude on a remote island in the Atlantic, where she works at an inn and reflects on her chaotic childhood.
Set against the backdrop of a distant war raging in Europe and a rapidly changing landscape in the West, Gil Adamson’s follow-up to her award-winning debut, The Outlander, is a vivid historical novel that draws from the epic tradition and a literary Western brimming with a cast of unforgettable characters touched with humour and loss, and steeped in the wild of the natural world. William Moreland is in mid-flight. After nearly twenty years, the notorious thief, known as the Ridgerunner, has returned. 
A limited number of signed books are available from our friends at Perfect Books.

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Living History

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Living History

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